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  • Blissful Escape

    Blissful Escape

    Experience "Blissful Escape" at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet Are you looking for a place to rejuvenate your soul and natural beauty? Discover the "Blissful Escape" package at Oasis Wellness and Spa, Mövenpick Resort Phan...

  • All Meeting Planner

    All Meeting Planner

    Join the ALL Meeting Planner and earn points every time you organize an event. Book workspaces wherever you need, whenever you want with 2,400 hotels across the world, from luxury to budget-friendly. The ALL Meeting...

  • Coconut Sundae Special

    Coconut Sundae Special

    Indulge in delectable scoops of coconut-flavored ice cream, paired with crispy coconut flake biscuits and drizzled with luscious caramel sauce. Served in a fresh young coconut, this extraordinary sundae is perfect for...

  • The Choice Is Yours

    The Choice Is Yours

    Relax and enjoy your moments with ALL Meeting Planner – whether it is a lively social celebration, a momentous wedding or a professional business conference, we have your back with: Up to 30% off your master bill...

  • Food BBQ

    Grillin' Like Pirate

    A family adventure you won't want to miss VND 2.200.000 / 2 people As the sun sets, gather 'round the bonfire for a sumptuous BBQ feast with your loved ones, a glass of red wine paired with grilled beef and stories of...

  • Pirates in love

    Pirates In Love

    Romantic Dinner at Queen Anne's Revenge Ship VND 3,500,000 net/couple Set sail on a romantic journey with Pirates in Love at Queen Anne's Revenge Ship - the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening. With the sea...

  • Executive King Room With Seaview

    Half Board Package

      More than just a "Pirates" stay, the Half-board package also includes a local dining experience. Package includes breakfast and a lunch or dinner at a more economical expense than regular booking.

  • Grilled Rice Cake with Seafood & Eggs

    Grilled Rice Cake with...

    Phan Thiết's traditional rice cake features a delightful blend of seafood and eggs, served alongside a combination of meatballs, tangy green mango, and a flavorful fish and onion dip.   Special Price: 230.000...

  • Stay Longer, Save More

    Stay Longer, Save More

    The longer you stay, the more you save. Get up to 30% off your next stay of three nights minimum. With more time to relax at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet you will leave feeling recharged and even take some extra time to...

  • family resort in Vietnam

    Fully Flexible Rate

    Because your plans are not always fixed, our Flexible Rate gives you the possibility to modify or cancel your booking at no charge, as late as 1 day before your day of arrival. When you book our Flexible Rates you can...

  • The Legend Of Love

    The Legend Of Love

    The Legend of Love - Relax, refresh, recharge 1.800.000 net/couple Immerse yourselves in our unique signature therapies at our Oasis Wellness & Spa, which include: Full body massage for 60 minutes Bath...

  • Resort in Phan Thiet

    Advance Saver

    Select from room only or room with breakfast, then start the countdown for your perfect getaway knowing every detail is taken care of by the team at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet. Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet is a...

  • Admiral Suite With Ocean Front Seaview

    Full Board Package

      Explore the stunning Port Royal next to unspoiled the beauty of nature Tiến Thành beach at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet with our Fullboard offer with three daily meals and a variety of unique family-friendly...

  • Caribbean Seafood Tower

    Caribbean Seafood Tower

    Experience a medley of fresh seafood sourced from renowned regions across Vietnam, including succulent Mui Ne prawns, plump Nha Trang mussels, and briny oysters, along with flavorful Phan Thiet sea crabs. These delectable...

  • Little Birds Packages

    Little Birds Packages

    A special relaxation gift for your children 499.000 net/kid 399.000 net/kid for Accor + member Can children benefit from massage therapy? A big YES. Children seldom get the opportunity or time to rest and relax so...

  • Escape To Serenity

    Escape To Serenity

    Discover Chakras therapy - a method that brings balance and refreshes both body and mind combined with a full body massage with hot stones for 70 minutes. Uses warm stones to pressure and massage muscles, which helps to...

  • Wine Of The Month

    Wine Of The Month

    Indulge in a carefully selected bottle of wine personally recommended by our in-house Sommelier, "Blackbeard" - the WOOLSHED SAUVIGNON BLANC from Victoria, Australia. This exquisite wine is herbaceous, boasting fresh rocket...

  • Barefoot Dinner By The Lagoon

    Barefoot Dinner By The Lagoon

    VND 3,500,000 net/couple Step into a world of enchantment as you wade through the serene lagoon waters for a barefoot dinner experience like no other. Our Lagoon Dining is where romance and nature meet in perfect...

  • Caribbean Green Parrot

    Caribbean Green Parrot

    Introducing the "Caribbean Green Parrot" - a vibrant concoction featuring Saigon Baigure Gin, freshly squeezed cucumber juice, kiwi syrup, and a splash of zesty lime juice, all expertly shaken with ice to perfection. This...

  • Sunset Breeze Sangria

    Sunset Breeze Sangria

    A jar filled with authentic red Spanish sangria infused with a burst of freshness from hand-picked fruits. We've added a local twist with the vibrant flavor of Phan Thiet dragon fruits, making every sip a delightful and...

  • Treasure Hunt Package - Classic Room

    Treasure Hunt Package -...

    Conquer Captain Blackbeard's Treasure at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet! This summer, embark on an exhilarating adventure with your family with Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet's exclusive "Treasure Hunt" package! Let your kids...

  • Treasure Hunt Package - Superior Room

    Treasure Hunt Package -...

    Conquer Captain Blackbeard's Treasure at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet! This summer, embark on an exhilarating adventure with your family with Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet's exclusive "Treasure Hunt" package! Let your kids...

  • Stay & Play - 01 Golfer

    Stay & Play - 01 Golfer

    Experience luxury with Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet! Exclusively for golfers, Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet introduces the special “Stay and Play” package! Discover and enjoy an exciting holiday combining relaxation...

  • Stay & Play – 02 Golfers

    Stay & Play – 02 Golfers

    Enjoy a fantastic holiday with Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet! For golfing couples, Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet presents the “Stay and Play” package with experiences you can't miss. Delight in the Superior room with a...

  • Blissful Escape