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A wedding in Phan Thiet can be a dream come true for many couples. The wedding day is a significant event, marking the celebration of love. And, the start of a new chapter together. Choosing the perfect venue is crucial for this magical day, and Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet is an ideal choice.

Located along the Tien Thanh beach in Phan Thiet City. This is a truly exceptional resort with a romantic ambiance. Inspired by Caribbean Sea legends, its enchanting architecture tells stories of Port Royal and Queen Anne’s Revenge Ship. Stepping into this magical place feels like entering a fairy-tale wedding ceremony where dreams come true.

But what makes Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet the perfect venue for a magical wedding? Let’s explore some reasons.


Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet is in the heart of Phan Thiet City. Also, a gorgeous coastal city in South Central Vietnam. This wedding destination is famous for its beautiful beaches, landscapes, and unique culture. Plus, It is known as the best place to have a Honeymoon in Vietnam.

Besides, the resort is conveniently situated just a 10-minute drive from the city center. And, it is 15 minutes from the Phan Thiet Airport. Hence, couples and guests can easily explore the city with the resort’s shuttle service to and from the city center.

Luxury and comfort

Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet provides luxurious accommodations with 248 rooms & suites. The elegantly designed rooms come equipped with modern amenities to ensure guests’ comfort. The resort features a crystal-clear beach and a beautiful pool. Furthermore, a fully-equipped fitness center, and plenty of recreational activities.

As an all-inclusive resort, Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet offers wedding packages to fit every budget. These packages include everything from floral decorations and a wedding cake. All to offer a dedicated wedding planner and even a honeymoon package.

Exceptional service

The resort’s dedicated wedding planner is all about delivering outstanding service to the bride, groom, and their guests. They work closely with the couple to create a unique wedding in Phan Thiet experience. And, the team ensures the celebration becomes a memorable expedition. Which, leaves a lasting impression on the couple’s new journey together.

Our wedding planner will take care of everything from wedding decorations to food and entertainment. They also offer professional photography and videography services to capture every precious moment of this special day. All to commit to a well-prepared memorable day for the couple and their guests.

Movenpick Phan Thiet invited the bride and groom to partake in a wedding experience that surpasses the ordinary. Together, we create moments that go beyond expectations, crafting an expedition that leaves an indelible mark on the couple’s new journey together.



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