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Little Birds Club

Welcome to Little Birds Club at Movenpick Resort Phan Thiet – a fun place just for kids!

Here, we are proud to offer a series of interesting and useful activities for children. Participating in Little Chef Master Cooking Class, children will immerse themselves in a vibrant cooking space, explore and learn how to make delicious dishes. Little Birds Tree Planting is not only a fun activity but also helps children understand more about the importance of protecting the environment through planting trees. Pirates Cinema promises to bring children special entertainment moments with fun and exciting movie screenings. And to end a day full of activities, there’s nothing better than participating in Chocolate Hour – a wonderful time of relaxation with delicious chocolates. Little Birds Club is committed to providing children with memorable and educational experiences, helping to create unforgettable memories in their childhood journey.

Come and join us to explore a world full of color and joy!


Featured Activities Include:

Chocolate Hour

Explore the exciting experience of a Chocolate Hour at our location! Enjoy the sweetness and variety of beautiful, rich chocolates. Let us guide you into unforgettable relaxation moments.

Little Chef Master Cooking Class

Open the door of creativity for children with Little Chef Master – an exciting cooking class. Led by professional chefs, kids will be invited into the world of cooking, exploring the joy and learning to create delicious dishes.


Tree Planting Activity

Encourage a love for nature and educate awareness of the environment through Tree Planting Activity!

Children will learn about the importance of trees and actively participate in planting and caring for them. This small action not only helps protect the environment but also creates a sense of responsibility and pride in children for their contribution to protecting our planet. Let’s go green together!


Pirates Cinema

Ahoy mateys! Get ready for an adventure not to be missed at Pirates Cinema!

Step into the world of brave captains and immerse yourself in thrilling movies that will take you through unlimited adventures. Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories for the whole family.


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