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Sustainable Management

Sustainability Management Program focuses on four key areas: Sustainable Management, Social-Economic Development, Cultural Heritage, and Environmental Protection.

Sustainable Management

Legal Compliance and Employee Training

We adhere to all relevant local laws, covering health, safety, labor, and environmental standards, including major International Labor Organization conventions. Our People and Culture department ensures comprehensive employee training, starting with a two-day introduction to Mövenpick and ongoing mandatory courses in health and safety, anti-bribery, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and child protection.

Customer Satisfaction and Promotional Integrity

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We gather daily guest feedback, conduct third-party audits, and use tools like “Trust You” to ensure a high-quality guest experience. Our promotional materials are accurate and managed by our Sales and Marketing team to align with Mövenpick brand standards.

Experiential Tourism and Communication Strategy

We educate our guests about the local environment and cultural heritage, promoting respectful behavior during their visits. Our excursion desk offers a range of local explorations, from dune safaris to historic site visits. We clearly communicate our environmental policies to all guests and stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Safety is paramount. We have robust disaster management and emergency response plans, regularly testing and maintaining all safety equipment and conducting bi-annual drills.


Social-Economic Development

Purchasing Policy and Community Development

Our procurement processes adhere to equitable standards, collaborating with local suppliers to enhance environmental, social, and ethical practices. We support community development initiatives, including vocational training and animal welfare programs, fostering employability and responsible pet ownership.

Employee Protection and Anti-Corruption

We champion gender diversity and equality, with 56% of our team being women. All employees are fairly compensated, and we strictly prohibit any form of bribery or corruption.

Cultural Heritage & Cultural Integration

We celebrate local culture through our décor, featuring local art, culinary books, and spices. Our weekly events and public holiday celebrations include local gastronomic specialties and live performances, enriching the cultural experience for our guests.


Environmental Protection & Energy and Waste Management

We monitor our energy consumption daily, using motion sensors, digital thermostats, and LED lighting to reduce waste. Our grey water treatment system supports landscape irrigation, and we use electric buggies for internal transportation. We aim to eliminate single-use plastics and produce our own bottled water using a reverse osmosis plant.

Waste Reduction

We minimize waste through supplier collaboration, paperless check-ins, and comprehensive waste segregation. Our ongoing efforts to reduce food waste include daily monitoring and plans to implement AI technology for better menu planning.

Wildlife Protection and Landscape Management

We maintain our landscape with native species and work with local animal protection associations to support wildlife. Our future plans include collaborations to educate on wildlife conservation.


Our Sustainability Management Plan is reviewed annually, ensuring continuous improvement.

Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet is dedicated to leading the way in sustainable luxury hospitality, making a positive impact on our environment and community.


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