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Our Key Activities

At Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiết, we prioritize environmental protection in all our business activities. We are proud to introduce the green initiatives we have implemented to minimize our environmental impact and encourage guests to join us in protecting the planet:


Using Paper Packaging: All amenities in the bathroom of client are packaged in eco-friendly paper, significantly reducing plastic waste.

Natural Grass Straws: By replacing plastic straws with natural paper, we not only provide a unique experience but also contribute to ocean protection.

Recycled Paper Boxes and Cups: We are committed to using products made from recycled paper, from boxes to drinking cups, helping to minimize waste and protect forests.

Supporting Local Agricultural Products: We utilize local agricultural products, particularly dragon fruit, to create distinctive dishes such as dragon fruit salad, Dragon Fruit Brûlée, dragon fruit ice cream, and dragon fruit bread, offering a unique and sustainable culinary experience.

Glass Bottles Instead of Single-Use Plastic Bottles: We have completely eliminated the use of single-use plastic bottles and switched to glass bottles, helping to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.

Quarterly Clean-Up Programs: We organize quarterly clean-up programs, encouraging the community to join hands in maintaining and cleaning the surrounding living environment.

Children’s Tree Planting Education: Our “Planting Trees, Sowing Love” program educates children about the importance of tree planting, helping them understand the value of nature and nurturing a love and awareness for environmental protection from an early age.

Employee Training: We conduct training courses for employees on environmental protection, energy saving, and waste management, ensuring that all activities at the resort are geared towards sustainability.


Join Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet in protecting the environment for a greener future for the next generation.


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